Friday, December 19, 2008 | By: MiraculousSigns

Preparation for this sem (kata2 azimat seniors)

Since we were divided into 2 separated groups during last sem’s meeting with senior, there might be few points that the other group missed out. So,I’ll try to share as much as I can on what bro Farid, Kak Muni, kak Su & kak Aini shared with us.


We should start ‘collecting’ information on the products available in the market.
Example :
a) Milk (types, brand, price)
b)Spread (diabetic jam, low salt margarine etc)
c)Artificial sweetener
d) Oils
e) 3 in 1
f) Enteral products (know the nutri composition)

Education tools
a) Flipchart


a) Aware of the portion size to be served and order the exact amount of ingredients. It would be an advantage if by now, we’re already familiar (memorize) the portion size of food

b)Fill in the form to order the ingredients earlier. Don’t miss out a single thing including beras, minyak etc. Know the weight of the ingredients (vegetables, how many grams to be used?).

c)Report : SOAP

d) As Mimi has mentioned on previous entry, make sure that we already have a recipe book on Malay, Chinese & Indian foods


a) Before the service

-Know the audience/target group. Assess their food intake.
-Find the most relevant and appropriate program to be held. (e.g exhibition, talk)
-Presentation on findings
-Log book


-It would be good to choose hospitals which have Catering Officer or outsource their catering service. We’ll InsyaAllah learns a lot there.
- Log book (jot down every day)
-If bebaik ngan dietitian, leh expose ngan clinical diet terus
-Capture pictures on equipments, know the functions etc (can be put on the report)


-Must have :


Measuring tape


Info on drugs (sr Aisyah[super senior] suggests us to get MIMS MANUAL from the pharmacy students. No need to buy 1st hand -expensive- as we can get the old version of MIMS from the pharmacy-people since they need to buy the new version ones.)

Lab interpretation

NCP form

-Research : try to find topics which needs subjects that can easily be followed-up. E.g inpatients

-Polish your skills on estimating people’s weight and height.