Monday, December 15, 2008 | By: miya

Announcement!! (1)

Salam to all,

In conjunction with the coming-real-soon the clinical year, here i would like to promote a new brand LAB COAT/ WHITE COAT to all of you for those who are interested.

of this white coat:

"This white coat is specially design for dietetian, it is different from the one wore by the doctors, lab staffs, and other health professionals"

"There are speciall li
ning and cutting on the coat that makes the design differ"

Front view

Back view was it? nampak bergaye tak?hehee...if i'm not mistaken this design was meant for sister...i'm not sure how will the design looks like for brother...but i'm sure its gonna be cool too =)

  • BOOKING : just dropping ur name in the comment-link provided or may just proceed to me (miya) for the time being.

  • PRICE per unit : i'm not sure, got to confirm it later..hehee..maaf~

This white coat is acctually introduced to one of us by our senoirs during last semester (year3, semI 08/09). So, i am here just to post this images and announce this thing out loud to all.

Hope to get response for all of us. Tq for ur reading =)


ayat said...

hmm.. ade dateline booking ke?

miya said...

stakat nih xde lg...nati lah kite bincg dlm class cmne

mazu said...

saye mahu..

bape harge?

saad said...

em menarik,bole bincang dlm kelas dgn maklumat lengkap,price die.tq