Tuesday, December 14, 2010 | By: miya

News of the New!!


To all friends, wherever you are...

Yg disana pasti antara kita sedg..bertungkus lumus berkeje

ade juge sedg memikirkan hal2 research n acedemic ny

ade juge sedg ward round melihat patient2 mereka

juge ade yg berfikir2 berfikir berfikir..kusut minda ny

hal2 kerja..hal2 peribadi..pelbagai isu ny

How are you guys doing..?
Hope there is still smile on your faces ;)

Nothing much that i would like to say here..

Just to give you guys a peek view n updates from Kuantan

Its the New building of our Kulliyyah


long had been waiting..

so here it goes...

let the pictures talk..

the parking lot

main lobby

kt tengah ni..emm not really tgh cm KOM pn

K.ira, Sr. Fathin, Zati, Dr. Azdie

emm tu je lah yg nk di sampai kan buat kali ni..

my best wishes to all of you..

moga dimudahkan segala urusan

take care~

From: both of us [hehehe nk jgk enter frame ;p]