Monday, December 15, 2008 | By: MiraculousSigns

...Another semester to go!

This would be the last semester before the girl entering her clinical year. It would be tough, she can guarantee. Preparation has to be made. She looked at the loads of files stacking on her shelf. Phew!

“I’ve learnt a lot throughout these 5 semesters”.

But, how much has she ‘really’ gained? Has her knowledge on this dietetics field really grown? Or was it actually only the lecture notes that keep on increasing?

Thinking on that, her heart begins to beat fast.

The tense..

The pressure..

“Am I going to get through this?”

She leaned back on her chair, thinking… trying to figure out a way to make her calmer.

“Stop being a panicky!”

No matter how hard the day would be, all has to be encountered. That’s life. It’s meant for a test. To make sure who among us qualified to enter paradise.

“The One Who created death and life, so that He may put you to test, to find out which of you is best in deeds: He is the All-Mighty, the All-Forgiving.”

Al-Mulk,67 :2

The Time would come. When the day of resurrection arrived, we will all be on our own. With our own deeds. Has the preparation been made?

Reflecting on that, the girl started to count on herself. How much has she done? How much has she contributed? Realizing this reality, she no longer fear of what the future holds. No more time to be wasted. All has to be used up on His path.

No matter how hard the life would be, all are not burden to one. But, they are all OPPORTUNITIES. Opportunity to be patience, opportunity to ask help from Him, opportunity to gain even more deeds. As, there is other big issue to be worried of in spite of the difficulties in this life of ours. It is the life after our death.

“The intelligent person works for what comes after his death” (Hadith from Tirmidzi)

The girl now is feeling fear.

Not fearing of the “cooking lesson” she has not completed.

Not fearing of the previous subjects she has not ‘mastered’ yet.

But, it is the feeling of fear for not putting her best in everything she does. The fear of not utilizing the tools He had given her up to her fullest.

To be given eyes to see,

Ears to listen

Heart to understand

Air to breathe

Food to eat

What more should a thankful servant do?

“Allah brought you forth from the wombs of your mothers when you knew nothing, and He gave you hearing, sight and intelligence so that you may give thanks to Him”


To learn as much.

To gain as much.

So that in the future, the girl would be able to reach the people out there.

To help those who are in need.

To educate the ignorant.

To play part as one of the ummah.

However, the path won’t be easy. It needs hard work. It needs perseverance.
Thus, help from the others are truly needed.

To face the upcoming obstacles hand in hand.

To work together.

To gain strength from each other.

…To succeed together.

“Tell them : Do as you will. Allah, His Rasul and the believers will now keep a watch over your conduct; then you shall be brought to His court Who knows the hidden and the open, and He will inform you of all that you have done.”

At-Taubah,9 : 105