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conclusion year 3 sem 1!

Assalamualaikum wbt.
Well, well, realize it or not, we had again finished another semester in this ‘not-so-lovely’ but ‘to-be-loved’ IIUM Kuantan Campus. Feel like it was just yesterday we first step in this campus, being the 3rd batch of dietetic students of KAHS. Tb2 dah 3rd year, indeed halfway 3rd year.

And to tell our story since d 1st day kte kenal [out of sudden I remembered my 1st ~first time ever~ conversation with Hazirah aka nek guru aka KAKLONG ;p ]will be sooooo loooongggg… believe me. So I just wanna wrap up some story in this ‘not so warm’ but ‘lesser than cold’ semester. Sori if I missed out anything, trying so hard to remember em all, almaklum lately mmg short term memory.

· Introducing our first semester of being the year 3 students... The subjects taken are MEDICAL NUTRITION N DISEASE (d coolest dean on earth ~Dr Nik ), PROFESSIONAL DIETETIC PRACTICES: INTRO TO PT CARE (1st thought by the funny Bro Rahman , then by Sis Fathin since Br Rahman went off to Ausie to do his PHD), DIET THERAPY 1 (d cupcake Sis Fathin, d adorable sis Aliza n Bro Rahman), HEALTH ECONOMIC (d lovely motherly -to be remembered- Prof Mazidah), SOCIAL N CULTURAL ISSUES IN FOOD N NUTRITION (d philosophical Dr Zalilah), NUTRITION EDU N HEALTH PROMOTION (d spike Bro Hanapi n d newly married-new HOD Sis Aflah) as well as RESEARCH METHODOLOGY (d so many lecturers subject: Dr Su, Dr Chulan, Dr Azlina n Bro Zam).

· And the nominees for the ‘loveliest’ assignment are: 1) Diet Seminar paper 2) the 6 diet seminar journals (harder than finding n copying all 6 cards to get to scylla in Prison Break season 4, uh huh) 3) flipchart n pamphlet 4) health bulletin 5) case study 6)d short assgn by Dr Zalilah n Prof mazidah 7) proposal RM. So ladies n 2 gentlemen, vote for ur fav 1…

· As usual, cos diet mmg x ketinggalan dr acara makan2 besar. We started with makan besar kat Kuantan Horizon to celebr8 our hardwork for Catering Practical las sem, jamuan raye class (almond London dayah is really hard to resist, + hazi’s debut of 1st love choc cake, nice 1 babe), not forgetting g open house umah dr nik (ni x ble bla sbb lapo lg but sume org mkn ikt portion, so go with d flow..huhu).

· ‘release-tension + x-yah-igt-study’ xtvt like camping tasik kenyir (eventually not all diet students went to), rehlah to pancing (post-xam picnic, chill…), jogging taman Bandar (can I include tis? Keke), makan eskem kat TC, tgk muvi dan berbagai lg. cewah cam tension sgt je..aha ;P

· D sharing moment by seniors. Though saye x g, tp tau la sket2. Thanx to all yg brief kat ktorg. Really awful, uh-huh? Hope that we can go tru it as best as we cud.

· THE EXAMS (no comment on this, ~SIGH….)

Anyway, despite of all these (actually byk lg tp I dun finished d article assgn yet, wink2), all d sakit hati, tension, tertekan, sedih, etc, we really had go tru it all. Together. Directly or indirectly. But together. There’s memory in there. There’s sumtg to be remembered later on. There’s sumtg that we can take lesson from. There’s always love, friendship, hope, forgiveness, compassionate, and caring in there. There is always DREAM…

Ya Allah, smg segala usaha ini diredhai, kurniakan kami kejayaan dunia dan akhirat, dan smg hubungan ini kekal berpaksikan tauhid kepadaMu. Ku mohon dgn sangat, mohon dgn sangat, mohon dgn sangat..

p/s: This is my first entry kat tis lovely blog, so sori bcos am not really good at writing this kinda stuff. hv a nice sem break to all...
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