Wednesday, May 5, 2010 | By: syahiza

cik dietitian menulis....

Salam to all

Apa khabar kawan2ku semua? Hopefully everybody is doing well. It’s been 3 weeks (or more) since we parted right? To be honest I really missed u gals n guys. I miss UIA. I miss Krauss Mahan (eh ye ke?hehe anaybody second me?) So apecer sume org? is there anybody that ready to tie the knot? Ehem2 inform la ek. Jgn senyap2 je.

Nway I think that many of u already know that I am now working as catering dietitian for BESTA. I was sent to BESTA central production unit (CPU) at Bandar Baru Bangi. Today (Wednesday, 5/5/2010) genaplah 2 minggu saya keje kat sini. So a few of our friends did ask how was work, how was the interview, n stuffs. So here I am to share a lil bit on the working process.

To begin with, I know that there is vacancy bcos our classm8, Encik Ilman Hadree Idris told me about it. Ops, jgn scandal many of us know, ilman was offered as BESTA catering dietitan at KPJ seremban. So before he went off, I asked for his help to inform me if there is any vacancy (networking is very important ye fellas ). So on his first day of work (12 april 2010, Monday –at that time I was at KOM to show my resume to Sis Fathin) he called me and said that there is vacancy. So I emailed my resume to the HR. they called me on Friday to come to interview on Monday, 19 april 2010. So i just went there, and surprisingly I met our clasm8 there, cik mazuin kamarul zaman. Hehe lega sket ade member. The interviewers are Mdm Soo (consultant dietitian besta) n cik hilaliah (HR). The questions are:
Monday, May 3, 2010 | By: Nadirah

buat kamu...

Gambar ni tak muat nak letak dlm templete kat atas.. terpotong, nanti sume tak masuk =)
Kalau ada sape2 nak ubah templete, nanti masukkan tau gambar ni... Rindu kat sume

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