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Sample Case Study Questions-Diabetes Mellitus


Assalamualaikum friends,
here there are sample case study questions.I took from our seniors. hopefully we can discuss among our group members as the revision and application for the theory in the class. (apply SOAP method). Good Luck for the becoming exams..waffaqakumullahu binnajah..

Question 1
Mr. Kumar, a 43 years old Yoe’s Beverages factory supervisor, has just been diagnosed with T2DM 2 months ago. Still feeling shock with the news (none of his family members has DM), Mr. Kumar is having doubts about his ability to follow diabetic diet since he works in shift hours (7a.m-3p.m / 3-11p.m / 11p.m-7a.m) which rotates every forthnightly. He also claims that there are limited food choices in the cafetaria. He rides his motorbike to which is about 1km from his home. He is married with 4 kids and does not smoke.

Foood history:

BF: Nasi lemak / fried mee or koeyteow
Roti canai / baked bread (3 slices) with margarine and kaya (sometimes)
Teh / nescafe with sweetened condensed milk

L: White rice (1 plate)
Fried fish / chicken
Curry / kurma gravy
Vegetables (2 Tbsp)
Sirap / orange cordial

AT: Malay kuih e.g banana fritters / currypuff / kuih lapis (2 pieces)
Teh O

D: Rice (1 plate) / Capati (2 pieces) / Thosei (2 pieces)
Fish / chicken / mutton curry (no santan) OR vegetable dhall (during vegetarian days)
Plain water

S: (Sometimes – only when he is at home)
Tit-bits e.g nuts Cap Tangan, kerepek, marukku
± Milo – with sweetened condensed milk (1 mug)

Casual drinker. Only dduring get together with friends. E.g 2-3 cans of beer 1-2 times a month

Exercise: Nil. No time.

Other relevant data:

Weight: 81 kg (lost 8 kg in 3 months) HbA1c: 9.5%
Height: 170 cm
BP: 130 / 85 mmHg TG: 1.9 mmol/L
T.Chol:5.5 mmol/L
HDL: 0.91 mmol/L
FBG: 7.8 mmol/L LDL: 3.8 mmol/L

Question 2

Puan Zalina, 32, a secondary school teacher is pregnant with her 2nd baby at 24th week. She is referred to the dietitian at the antenatal clinic after an OGTT test (8.0 mmol/L – 11.5 mmol/L) and urinalysis (glucose 3+) results confirmed she is having GDM. Her previous pregnancy (her daughter has just turned 3) was uneventful after which her daughter was born big and bouncy ay 3.98 kg. Puan Zalina had a rough morning sickness episode during her 1st trimester, and she felt better after taking 100 plus soft drink (which basically made up almost 90% of her drinks then). Noe she prefers taking Anmum milk or soybean instead, believing it is more nutritious for her baby. She complained of frequent drowsiness and shortness of breath (SOB).

Food history:

BF: -Normally skips (rushing to get to school)

MT: Fried rice / meehoon (1 plate) / Malay kuih (2-3) / Gardenia Twiggies (1)
(10.30a.m) 3-in-1 Milo

L: White bread (3 slices)
(3.00p.m) with peanut butter + chocolate / margarine + jem / scremble egg / chicken
sausage (1)
OR nuggets (5-6)
OR fastfoods e.g chicken burger, chicken porridge, fried chicken (1-2 times a
Soybean milk / 100 plus / Milo (with fastfoods)
*Rarely takes rice since only the parents and her daughter are at home for

D: Rice (1 plate)
(8.00p.m) Fish / chicken (soup / stir-fried / fried / curry / sambal)
Vegetables (1/2 cup)
Plain water / Ribena / soybean milk (packet)

S: Digestive biscuits (2) / Tiger energy biscuits / friut
(10.30p.m) Anmum milk – chocolate flavored (taken 1-2 glasses per day)

Only walking up and down the 4 storey school building on her way to / fro class. Used to spend time walking at lake gardens (for family outings) during weekends but stopped since pregnancy advanceds.

Other relevant data:

Curent weight: 76.5 kg
Weight before pregnancy: 68 kg
Height: 160 cm
BP: 125 / 80 mmHg
RBG: 10.4 mmol/L
Hb: 10 g/dL