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cik dietitian menulis....

Salam to all

Apa khabar kawan2ku semua? Hopefully everybody is doing well. It’s been 3 weeks (or more) since we parted right? To be honest I really missed u gals n guys. I miss UIA. I miss Krauss Mahan (eh ye ke?hehe anaybody second me?) So apecer sume org? is there anybody that ready to tie the knot? Ehem2 inform la ek. Jgn senyap2 je.

Nway I think that many of u already know that I am now working as catering dietitian for BESTA. I was sent to BESTA central production unit (CPU) at Bandar Baru Bangi. Today (Wednesday, 5/5/2010) genaplah 2 minggu saya keje kat sini. So a few of our friends did ask how was work, how was the interview, n stuffs. So here I am to share a lil bit on the working process.

To begin with, I know that there is vacancy bcos our classm8, Encik Ilman Hadree Idris told me about it. Ops, jgn scandal many of us know, ilman was offered as BESTA catering dietitan at KPJ seremban. So before he went off, I asked for his help to inform me if there is any vacancy (networking is very important ye fellas ). So on his first day of work (12 april 2010, Monday –at that time I was at KOM to show my resume to Sis Fathin) he called me and said that there is vacancy. So I emailed my resume to the HR. they called me on Friday to come to interview on Monday, 19 april 2010. So i just went there, and surprisingly I met our clasm8 there, cik mazuin kamarul zaman. Hehe lega sket ade member. The interviewers are Mdm Soo (consultant dietitian besta) n cik hilaliah (HR). The questions are:

-HACCP!! Yup that was the first one. What do u know about HACCP. Why do u think it is important. As a dietitian, are u willing to be a HACCP coordinator besides being a dietitan. Hehe lbh kurg mcm tu la.. (well during tt time, the bos besar encik jasmay (bapaknya liyana jasmay aku x percaya cinta lalala) come in n nagged on dietitian yg x brani nak buat keje haccp bcos it is not our bidang bla bla bla)

-second they asked where I did my ctrg attachment. I did it in HSNZ kuala tganu (in house) so die tny experience there, opinion on weakness n strength of in house setting. What can u do to improve and stuffs.

-3rd they asked about key performance indicator (KPI) for ctrg service in hospital setting. Dgn selambenye saye tembak quality food, correct diet, and deliver to pt at correct time. And to my surprise, betol. Hahaha. Siyes saye tembak je. Hihi well its really my luck laa.

-4th question, they asked about one of the KPI, which is time. Why punctuality in delivering foods to pt is important, in term of teraputic diet mx. So the answer is more to diabetic pt on insulin tx bcos the meal timing for this type of pt is very important kan..

-lastly they asked if I am capable of becoming a leader n doing PR, whether or not I am willing to travel, work extra hours n stuffs. Standard la kan..hehe. for the leadership question, dgn poyonya saye kate if u look at my resume, I did became a head committee for programme for several times, so based on those experience I think I can n I am wiling to try (Bapak poyo u olss..hehe.). (And they just nod). Besides that I am a facilitator back in uni..n there!! ‘OOOO U ARE A FACILITATOR…THAT WAS VERY GOOD.’. haha diorg suke faci sape2 yg penah jd faci dulu, make sure korg include dlm resume k.

Nway saye menulis ini ms keje (sbb keje dah setel k, bukan saye curi tulang) am going to cont on next entry on my job scope, the very stressed and devastated 1st week of work, etc..hope I did share sumthing with all of u. again, miss u all. Pls make du’a for all of us, may Allah bless us. Amin.

to be continued...


Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to comment- jangan terkejut coz I do read your blogssss.

At certain time, POYO adalah asas kejayaan. But bear in mind, kita kene poyo yang ade class okay!

All the best.

-Puan Pensyarah-

ayat said...

Hehe.. Thanx Ija for the info. Can't wait for your next post on your so-called-devastated workloads.. Hmm.. bleh bayangkan kot.

Memang sbnrnya perlu utk kta tampilkan kemampuan kta utk dpt apa yang kita nak. Mcm Nabi Yusuf dulu pun bagitau kebolehan dia utk dpt 'post' kat istana tu.

InsyaAllah, didoakan yang terbaik untuk semua..

termasuk Puan Pensyarah (",).

Sayang semua

syahiza said...

to Puan Pensyarah: thanx sister utk tnjuk ajar. uuu x sangka sister bc blog kami. jemput la singgah slalu ye...

to ayat: hehe skang bz sket ayat, nnt eh kte post. xde la teruk mane, just try to suit myself with d environment je. hehe.