Saturday, October 3, 2009 | By: Nadirah

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5th October until 22nd October 2009 - Last posting

Group A - Klinik Kesihatan Bukit Sekilau
Group B - HTAA
Group C - Poliklinik Komuniti Beserah
Group D - HTAA

23rd October 2009 - Submit Result & Discussion Thesis

25th until 30th October 2009 - Presentation Case Study Week

2nd until 3rd November 2009 - Revision Period

4th until 19th November 2009 - Final Exam Period

6th November 2009 - Submission of 1st draft Thesis

13th November 2009 - Return 1st draft Thesis from supervisor

20th November until 6th December 2009 - Inter Semester Vacation

20th November 2009 - Submission of soft cover Thesis

23rd until 24th November - Thesis Presentation

7th December 2009 - Semester 2 begins...

"Oh Allah, please guide us to the right path..."


suraiya said said...

hi, nice blog and inspiring content. keep it up, tapi apa kata tukar warne theme jadi lebih ceria, mcm agak gloomy blog u all ni. letak theme yg colourful with foods, baru seronok.
well, just a comment, no hard feeling k.

Nadirah said...

Thank you sr for the comment, we'll try our best for the improvement :)