Friday, January 30, 2009 | By: miya

The only creature...

I found this while surfing the internet. Just want to share it with all of u...

From the desk of Richard Penfounde, your Naturally Healthy Lifestyle specialist.

Human beings are the only creatures on earth that:

  • smoke tobacco
  • consume processed foods
  • drink coffee and tea copiously
  • eat fried foods continuously
  • drink cow's milk throughout our lives
  • add sugar to our foods and liquids
  • add salt to our foods and liquids
  • continue to eat when we are not feeling well
  • consume social and medicinal drugs
We are the results of the products that we put in our mouths and often those that we do not put in our mouths. Our bodies are eventually shaped and our skin conditioned by these processes over a period of time. Every disease takes time to develop, often 20 or more years. Disease in our body varies from mild to moderate to serious and the progression is often so slow that it is not recognised at the time that it is happening.

Happiness, health and love are our human right.

hmm...menarik tak? response?


miya said...

macam macrobiotic diet plak post nih...haih bole plak tersame ngn case study kali nih